Shin Pain


The shin or the tibia is the front part of the lower leg. Shin pain, often referred to as shin splints, is felt as soreness, tenderness, or discomfort along the front part of the shin.

In most cases, a person may not need to see a doctor, but if the pain and discomfort continue, or you see it develop into severe pain, swelling or bruising, you may need to seek immediate medical attention.


Shin pain, also referred to as shin splints, is caused by continuous and repetitive stresses placed on the shin bone and the connective tissues around the shinbone. Risk factors that lead to shin splints include runners, especially those at the beginning of a program, and an increase in the intensity, duration and or frequency of exercise. Another common cause of shin pain is high arches or flat feet.


There are many things that you can do to prevent and protect against shin splints. These include but are not limited to:

Analysing your walking, running, and jumping motion:

Using a video gait analysis, you can analyse the specific techniques that may be causing your shin splints.

Reducing the load:

Slowing down on the exercise or any high-impact activity can greatly reduce the impact placed on the shins.

Wear the right footwear:

If you exercise regularly, wear the right shoes, and swap them out every 500-800 km.

Consider orthotics:

Custom arches and supports can greatly assist in relieving shin splints. This is especially true if you have flat arches. Shock-absorbing insoles are also a symptom and recurrence of shin splints.

Include strength training:

Your medical professional can provide you with specific exercises and stretches that can greatly enhance your overall ability to handle the impact on your shins.

Whether it’s advanced video gait analysis, a strength training regimen or even custom-made orthotics, the team at Feet First Podiatry are fully equipped to get you on your way to healthy happy feet.

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