Foot Pain


Having healthy pain free feet is vital to an active and fulfilling life. Being the part of the body that basically carries its entire weight, the feet are put under extreme amounts of stress and pressure. The feet are made up of more than 100 ligaments, tendons, tissue, and muscles and like the rest of the body is a complex mechanism.


Depending on the nature of the injury, foot pain has a range of expressions, including burning sensation, tingling, sharp pain, throbbing and even numbness. The sensation may also come and go depending on the activity that you are doing.


Common causes of foot pain include but are not limited to:


A common cause of foot pain is arthritis. This includes rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and even gout.

Stress fractures

People that play high-impact sports may be prone to stress fractures. These are small cracks that occur in the bones of the feet which may result in tenderness, bruising and pain on the skin and foot.


This is a painful condition that affects the group of bones in the middle of the foot called the metatarsals. Morton’s Neuroma is a common condition which causes a sharp pain between the metatarsals and into the toes.


There are many treatment options available if you have sore feet. Apart from a diagnosis from a Podiatrist which may include asking questions and physical probing, Imaging may also be a useful way to diagnose issues with the feet.

Whether it’s CT scans, Ultrasound or even X-rays, there are ways to have non-invasive ways of getting a better view of the nature of problems with the feet.

The treatments for foot pain vary widely and are based on the nature of your injuries. The best thing would be to contact a Podiatrist that is experienced in diagnosing and treating foot and related pain.

Our aim at Feet First Podiatry is to help our patients get back on their way to healthy happy feet in no time. Our team of dedicated professionals have the necessary experience, knowledge, and ability to get you back to the active pain-free lifestyle that you’re after.

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