Sports Injuries

Heel Spur/Plantar Fasciitis – Pain on the inside of the heel which is worse first thing in the morning. Assessment and treatment options will be discussed at your initial appointment.

Shin Splints – Leg pain is a common problem in sport and growing children. A video gait analysis can assess feet that roll excessively in or out which subsequently causes leg muscle fatigue and the pain known as shin splints.

Flat Feet – Rolled in feet are often responsible for symptoms of the foot, leg, knee, hip and lower back. Video gait analysis can determine the most appropriate treatment for this condition.

Stress Fracture – Stress fractures in the foot are common in high impact sport. Referral for X-ray or MRI can be organised to confirm diagnosis. A range of CAM walkers are held at our practice for immediate treatment.

Knee Pain – Patella-femoral pain is often related to a “rolled in” or pronated feet. Appropriate assessment and treatment is available.

Running Injuries – Incorrect running mechanics can lead to subsequent symptoms. Feet First has appropriate video gait analysis giving a detailed picture of mechanical issues. Orthoses using the latest laser scan technology can balance the foot and remove pressure up the leg. Feet First has established good relationships with local footwear retailers and often refers to them for specific footwear to assist running mechanics.

Feet First Podiatry