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As part of our sustainability effort, we are introducing Natural Socks.  We are seeing an increasing demand for Natural products for two markets:

  • Environmentally aware.
  • People who want chemical free products next to their skin.

The natural color has been added to our existing styles 01C, 44C and 86C.

Our natural socks are knitted with raw undyed yarn; we do not use any dyes or chemicals in the finishing
process. During the finishing process socks are boiled with pure soap to remove knitting oils and waxes and
then the soap residues are rinsed out. The socks are then as clean as we can make them. Unfortunately we
cannot claim they are 100% chemical-free because we do not control the process from growing the wool

Environmentally, there are significant advantages in Natural Socks:

  • Pollution – pollution caused in the manufacture and application of dye is avoided
  • Water saving – Natural Socks use about 1/4 the amount of water compared to a black sock in the manufacturing process.
  • Energy saving – less energy is used in manufacture of Natural Socks

This new range is both sustainable as well as ecofriendly making it an ideal pick for your next pair of socks!


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Natural Socks Range

44C Fine Merino Wool Quilted, 86C 60% Fine Merino Wool Blend Smooth Fit, 01C 60% Bulky Alpaca Wool Blend


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